Radar Ice Display

Ice Vision

The optimal route and the safety of ice navigation day and night
Radar Ice Display "Ice Vision" is intended for use on icebreakers, transport, navy and special purpose vessels, floating and stationary objects (production platforms, sea terminals, control stations and observation posts) as navigation safety equipment and ice condition monitoring tool in polar areas and freezing waters of Arctic and Antarctic.
Ice Vision
First cerified in Russia radar ice display approved for use on board the seagoing ships as navigation equipment in accordance with Polar Code (para. 9.3.1 of Part I-A and para. 10.1 of Part I-B of the IMO Resolution MSC.385 (94)).
Type Approval Certificate of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS)
№ 21.15492.120 dated 11.9.2021

«Ice Vision» radar ice display provides high-quality visualization of the ice condition within the range of the ship's radar by improving the quality, clarity and detailing of the radar image and offers enhanced navigation options for the ship to plot optimal routes for navigating in difficult ice conditions.

It defines the boundaries of environments (open water - ice), broken, crushed and drifting ice, selects and displays extensive ice formations, small-sized and low-profile single targets.

Time saving and fuel economy, prevention of damage to ship's structures and mechanisms.
Two configurations
The configuration on the basis of the System Unit "MKS-4.1" with an external monitor — for new ships and integrated bridges.
The configuration on the basis of the "MKS-1.4" (all-in-one monoblock) — for existing ships and small installation sites
Data integration and radar information processing
Interfacing with most of the world's leading radar manufacturers — Kelvin Hughes, Furuno, Simrad, JRC, Sperry Marine, Koden, Selesmar, etc.
Signal processing from X, S and Ka-band pulse radars.
Combining information from several radars with the display of images on a single monitor.
Multi-level radar image processing based on SMART technology
Contour contrast enhancement.
Improving the quality, clarity and detailing of the radar image.
Detection of moving targets on the background of stationary ones (MTI mode).
Increased detection range of small targets.
Versatile design
Connecting to the ship’s standard information sources (GPS, AIS, gyro) on a permanent or temporary basis without changing the design of the equipment and navigational bridge.
Easy installation and connection
Use of standard connectors and connections of data sources without interfere with their main work.
Cost saving on installation and maintenance
Simultaneous connection and image processing from 2 radars.
No regular maintenance.
L. A. Irliza
Master of nuclear icebreaker "Vaygach"
„Radar ice display "Ice Vision" has proven to be an useful and reliable instrument that can assist in navigation in ice conditions. Usage of the device could be convenient and familiar which also would have a positive effect on navigation safety not only in Arctic waters, but in all areas of ice distribution".

A standard connection diagram provides for connection to the ship's standard data sources (Radar, GPS, AIS, Gyro) in parallel. Mandatory navigation data sources for the "Ice Vision" include GPS and Gyro.

Configuration 1:

  • PC System Unit "MKS-4.1" with radar processor. Rack mounting;
  • Display Unit (monitor) 17"/19"/21"/24"/26"/27"/32" (by choice);
  • Control Unit (functional keyboard with trackball);
  • Operational system;
  • Specialized software "Ice Vision" (based on SMART technology);
  • Installation and mounting kit and cables.
Order ref: КУФВ.466515.015

  • Marine PC "MKS-1.4" (all-in-one PC with 19" display and radar processor);
  • Control Unit (functional keyboard with trackball);
  • Operational system;
  • Specialized software "Ice Vision" (based on SMART technology);
  • Installation and mounting kit and cables.
Order ref: КУФВ.466515.015-01

Electronic Navigation Chart for designated area

"Ice Vision" radar ice display provides control of ice conditions in the near zone of the vessel (up to 8 miles) as well as displaying the radar situation at distances of 16 and 32 miles.

The built-in archiving system allows creation of radar images atlas of various ice formations.

"Ice Vision" allows the use of electronic navigation charts as an additional information layer and forms the targets environment.

It also allows the master to assess the local displacement of ice and its cohesion.
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